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NAB 2016: The Codex Production Suite & Action Cam

NAB 2016: The Codex Production Suite & Action Cam

Codex Digital has a long and storied history of designing and manufacturing award-winning “high-end digital equipment for motion picture and television production”. With amazing products such as their Codex Production Suite, we wanted to speak with Codex’s Brian Gaffney about their place in the production world.

Codex Production Suite

The Codex Production Suite will aid in any production, streamlining your workflow “from set to post-production” by allowing you to work with the footage at the greatest dynamic range for your camera of choice. The Codex Production Suite will also securely save your original file, preventing you from losing any important footage. From Codex:

However big or small, productions today demand a pipeline that delivers camera original data, metadata, editorial media, VFX deliverables and production reports securely and efficiently to whoever needs access to them. Codex makes it simple for any production to securely manage its most valuable assets, with Codex Production Suite, Codex Vault and Codex Media Vault and Media Vault Library, all connected through Codex Backbone.

With world-class image science, high quality image processing, the flexibility of the Codex File System (CFS) and a completely redesigned user interface, Codex Production Suite is a fully-featured dailies and archiving system. Codex’s Production Suite features sophisticated tools for color grading and LUT management, QC, metadata editing and audio sync so you can manage and create all your deliverables within one unified system. Transcode to all the formats you need deliver, faster than real-time, even with an input LUT, CDL and a 3D LUT.

Codex Production Suite Key Features

Codex Action Cam

Shot on the Codex Action Cam

The small but powerful Codex Action Cam is a versatile remote head camera that shoots up to 60fps. Its abilities go beyond a simple capture device, with features that provide “shooting, capture, transcoding and data management solutions” in a compact package. It also comes bundled with the Codex Camera Control Recorder, giving you access to control the camera remotely.

From Codex:

Hand-held, attached to a bike helmet or one of seventeen Codex Action Cams in a 360-degree VR rig, Codex Action Cam has been a go-to solution since its introduction.

Codex Action Cam itself is a tiny remote head camera for shooting at up to 60fps but it’s not just a camera – it’s a complete shooting, capture, transcoding and data management solution for situations that require a compact form factor and low weight, without compromising on image quality. It comes packaged with the Codex Camera Control Recorder, providing full remote control of the camera plus the proven, industry-standard Codex workflow.

Whether you’re making commercials, TV or movies, sometimes your camera is just too big for the situation or location you’re trying to shoot in. This was demonstrated on a recent commercial for Google’s Android mobile platform, shot by Alwin Kchler.
Read more in the case studies section below.

You can find out more about both the Codex Production Suite and the Codex Action Cam at, and you can see the products in action yourself at the Codex Digital booth at NAB 2016 in South Hall, booth SL6828.